We know that as a common person, we do not have sufficient knowledge of the court and laws. Even we have knowledge of the law; we cannot present our thought or ideas directly to the court, as we do not own a degree. Many issues lead us to the door of the court. When we are in dire need of the justice, we have to go to the court. We can get the help from the solicitors. They are the one who do all the things on behalf of us. We have to pay as per the fees they charge. The prices may vary according to the sensitivity of the case.

The Duties of Solicitor

When we to hire a solicitor in frankston, we must know their duties. If they are not performing their duties then we must ask them as we have paid them for it.

  • Advising the Client

They are responsible to advice the clients regarding the laws and the statements of the government. If a person has to start a business, he must know all the legalities and restriction hat he must follow according to the las and rules of the government. In case of violation, he is bound to bear the punish or penalty.

  • Listen to the Issues of the Client

He must listen to the clients carefully. Each person has a different story to share. All the people have different family matters ad business matters. No one can make assumptions about the issues and their solutions. Therefore, it is the duty of the solicitors to listen to the issues of the clients and must guide them according to the situations.

  • Present the Proceedings to the Court

They are the one who present the proceedings to the court. We have no degree to hold so we have no permission to convey our message to the court. They are the one who fight for us in front of the court. He present our matter to the court in the positive light and try to win the case.

  • Do All the Legal Obligations

It is the duty of the solicitor to do all the legal obligations. As a common citizen, we do not know about the requirements and demands of the paper work that government personnel need. They are the one who do all the paper work on our behalf and clear our case.

  • Research the Case

It is his duty to research the case thoroughly. Do cross questioning to the clients so that he can dig out the detailed information. In addition, he is responsible to collect all the evidences.

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